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Marc's World - Season Finale

Today was finally posted on Anton Pictures Media Distribution Channels, Episode 25, the Season 1 Finale of the hit TV series Marc's World. Executive Producer/Director, George Anton and Associate Producer, Diesmond Lee are very proud of this achievement and they are looking forward to the development of Season 2!

There are rumors around Hollywood that top Producers from major studios are interested in picking up the series for release to major TV networks.

Some say that Marc Treiser, the main talent from Marc's World, is an up and coming Hollywood phenomenon. Recently he was invited to a major convention in downtown Los Angeles where he was invited to come onstage and speak.
The previous presenters would speak and people would listen to the presenters and nod their heads periodically or not respond at all.

The building was quiet. After Marc gave his speech, impromptu, unrehearsed and unprepared, there was a roar of various sounds; clapping, whistling!

The members …

Transferring: Marc's World - Episode 25 - The Babies HD 1080p Anton Pictures

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Untitled Adam and Eve Project - Under development

From the director to the writer:

Read the first 33 pages draft to my wife yesterday without mentioning it is a comedy.
She was giggling, so the final say is AWESOME JOB.

please continue with the first draft without stressing, just write.
It's great.

with your permission just a couple of suggestions:

- Shorter lines
(when a character talks too much, have the other character interrupting with an ANCHOR line, with something stupid, or funny, or just agreeing/disagreeing or adding something. Shorter lines is making it easy for the actors to remember and connect the lines better, also will help me to shoot faster as the actors will waste less of the shooting time, remembering long lines.)

- For distribution purposes I will HAVE to be less visual sexually, however the sexual dialogue I embrace. Don't go back now reviewing what you already wrote.
Please take a bit of time reading this wiki:
, in case it helps, and just keep writing until you re…

League of Men - Trailer

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Ep. 45 The MistrBrit Show 1080p

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