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Utoya Island [2012] OFFICIAL TRAILER 1 the movie HD 1080p

Anton Pictures puts the Utoya Trailer private.

31 January 2012

"Due to repeated requests from fans of Anton Pictures, we decided to make the Utoya Trailer private"

Officials from Anton Pictures declared that the trailer will be available again for the general public the same day the movie is going to be released on the market by Versace Entertainment.


Questions: Utoya Island - The Movie
Written, Directed and Produced by
Vitaliy Versace

Interview with Anton Pictures with permission from Mr. Vitaliy Versace, regarding the hosting of the movie trailer
This full feature length movie is under the direction of Filmmaker, Mr. Vitaliy Versace.

Ingrid Hvidsten - Journalist with the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG)

Behind the Scenes
Movie Poster 01
UTOYA ISLAND [2012] Feature Length 90 min.

1. What is your motivation in making a film about the Utøya massacre?
There are a fe…