Music Video CELEBRATION | 12 Million Views | BOAT - Zoë Phillips feat. ...

Music Video CELEBRATION | 12 Million Views | BOAT - Zoë Phillips feat. Rameses 
Deception (2012) ╰♥╮ Full Movie NEW! 1080p Remastered Edition

Vocals by Zoë Phillips 
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Boat Lyrics
If photographs could tell a story,
would these postcards be in black and white?
Shaded by the leaves that bind so freely
Cracks in the trees let through the light
Do the trees whisper on the sidewalk?
Do the waves in the water talk?
If I sketch out an atlas on the lake skin
drift as wood as I wait
If I take back the compass to the water
would I find you or would it be too late?
Should I put the flash on the camera?
I'd be scared for it all flicker by
As we floated in the glitter of the mirrior
I didn't expect your reflection in the sky
Do the trees whisper on the side walk?
Do the waves in the water talk?
[Refrain] x2

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